How to get to the...

1. Airport

There are direct flights to Beijing from around 18 European cities including Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Istanbul, Kiev, London, Madrid, Moscow, Munich, Paris, Rome, St Petersburg, Stockholm, and Vienna. For information on these and other connections, see the web site of Beijing Capital International Airport.

2. Comference Venue

Beijing Capital International Airport is located 32 km (20 mi) northeast of Beijing’s city center and is about 35km far from the conference venue. We suggest the following routes from the airport to comference venue:

By Bus:

  • Take airport shuffle bus line 4 to Friendship Hotel;
  • walk to the conference venue.
  • Total fees: 24 RMB (24 RMB for airport shuffle bus)

By Subway:

  • Take Airport Express line to Sanyuanqiao station;
  • transfer to line 10 at Sanyuanqiao station, get to Haidianhuangzhuang station;
  • transfer to line 4 at Haidianhuangzhuang station, get to Renmin University station;
  • walk to the conference venue, about 8mins.
  • Total fees: 30 RMB (25 RMB for Airport Express, 5 RMB for Subway)

By Taxi:

Taxi from Beijing Airport Terminal 3 to the conference venue will cost 80-100 RMB. In China, traditionally there is no tipping.