July 20



Danilo Beuche. Managing Variability with Feature Models

Doctoral Symposium




Danilo Beuche. Managing Requirements in Product Lines

SPLTea Second International Workshop on Software Product Line Teaching

Doctoral Symposium

July 21


Modular Synthesis of Product Lines (ModSyn-PL)

SPLat 2015: 2nd Software Product Line Analysis Tools Workshop

International Workshop on REverse Variability Engineering

Bruce Trask and Angel Roman. Leveraging Model Driven Engineering In Software Product Line Architectures




Modular Synthesis of Product Lines (ModSyn-PL)

Klaus Schmid and Holger Eichelberger. EASy-Producer – From Product Lines to Variability-rich software ecosystems

Martin Becker and Bo Zhang. Lean Variation Management: Increasing Business Value with a Diversified Approach

Charles Krueger and Paul Clements. Second Generation Systems and Software Product Line Engineering

July 22


Coffee & Registration


Opening Remarks


Keynote: Linda Northrop. Reflections on Software Product Lines


Research Session 1

Guillaume Bécan, Razieh Behjati, Arnaud Gotlieb and Mathieu Acher. Synthesis of Attributed Feature Models From Product Descriptions

George Heineman, Jakob Rehof and Boris Düdder. Towards Migrating Object-Oriented Frameworks to Enable Synthesis of Product Line Members

Wenbin Ji, Thorsten Berger, Michal Antkiewicz and Krzysztof Czarnecki. Maintaining Feature Traceability with Embedded Annotations

Systems Engineering Session 1

Maurice Ter Beek, Alessandro Fantechi and Stefania Gnesi. Applying the Product Lines paradigm to the quantitative analysis of Collective Adaptive Systems

Jesus Padilla Gaeta and Krzysztof Czarnecki. Modeling Aerospace Systems Product Lines in SysML

Charles Krueger. Mechanical Product Line Engineering




Panel Discussion

Vision Session 1

Deepak Dhungana, Andreas Falkner, Alois Haselboeck and Herwig Schreiner. Smart Factory Product Lines: A Configuration Perspective on Smart Production Ecosystems

Dimitri Van Landuyt, Stefan Walraven and Wouter Joosen. Variability Middleware for Multi-tenant SaaS Applications: a Research Roadmap for Service Lines

Nadeem Abbas and Jesper Andersson. Harnessing Variability in Product-lines of Self-Adaptive Software Systems

Tools Session 1

Thomas Degueule, João Bosco Ferreira Filho, Olivier Barais, Mathieu Acher, Jérôme Lenoir, Olivier Constant, Sébastien Madelénat, Grégory Gailliard and Godefroy Burlot. Tooling Support for Variability and Architectural Patterns in Systems Engineering

Raul Mazo, Juan C. Muñoz-Fernández, Luisa Rincón, Camille Salinesi and Gabriel Tamura. VariaMos: an Extensible Tool for Engineering (dynamic) Product Lines

Danilo Beuche and Robert Hellebrand. Using pure::variants across the Product Line Lifecycle


Coffee Break


Research Session 2

Pavel Valov, Jianmei Guo and Krzysztof Czarnecki. Empirical Comparison of Regression Methods for Variability-Aware Performance Prediction

Maurice H. Ter Beek, Axel Legay, Alberto Lluch Lafuente and Andrea Vandin. Statistical Analysis of Probabilistic Models of Software Product Lines with Quantitative Constraints

Gustavo Vale, Danyllo Albuquerque, Eduardo Figueiredo and Alessandro Garcia. Defining Metric Thresholds for Software Product Lines: A Comparative Study

Systems Engineering Session 2

Miao Fang, Georg Leyh, Jörg Dörr, Christoph Elsner and Jingjing Zhao. Towards Model-Based Derivation of Systems in the Industrial Automation Domain

Lothar Hotz, Yibo Wang, Matthias Riebisch, Olaf Götz and Josef Lackhove. Evaluation Across Multiple Views for Variable Automation Systems

Aitor Arrieta, Goiuria Sagardui and Leire Etxeberria. Test Control Algorithms for the Validation of Cyber-Physical Systems Product Lines

July 23




Keynote: Dave Sharp. Software Product Lines In Boeing Defense


Research Session 3

Jia Liang, Vijay Ganesh, Venkatesh Raman and Krzysztof Czarnecki. Why SAT-based Analysis of Large Real-world Feature Models is Easy

Thomas Kühn, Walter Cazzola and Diego Mathias Olivares. Choosy and Picky: Configuration of Language Product Lines

Thorsten Berger, Daniela Lettner, Julia Rubin, Adeline Schaefer, Paul Gruenbacher, Martin Becker, Marsha Chechik and Krzysztof Czarnecki. What is a Feature? A Qualitative Study of Features in Industrial Software Product Lines

Research Session 4

Remo Lachmann, Sascha Lity, Sabrina Lischke, Simon Beddig, Sandro Schulze and Ina Schaefer. Delta-oriented Test Case Prioritization for Integration Testing of Software Product Lines

Dennis Reuling, Johannes Bürdek, Serge Rotärmel, Malte Lochau and Udo Kelter. Fault-based Product-Line Testing: Effective Sample Generation based on Feature-Diagram Mutation

Sabrina Souto, Divya Gopinath, Marcelo D'Amorim, Darko Marinov, Sarfraz Khurshid and Don Batory. Faster Bug Detection for Software Product Lines with Incomplete Feature Models




Panel: The Hardest Problems in Large-Scale Systems Product Line Engineering

 · Hugo G. Chale Gongora
 · Rowland Darbin
 · Susan P. Gregg
 · Len Wozniak

Panel Moderator Krzysztof Czarnecki

Industry Session 1

Sachin Patel and Vipul Shah. Automated Testing of Software-as-a-Service Configurations using a Variability Language

Michael Käßmeyer, Michael Schulze and Markus Schurius. A process to support a systematic change impact analysis of variability and safety in automotive functions

Dominik Domis, Rasmus Adler and Martin Becker. Integrating variability and safety analysis models using commercial UML-based tools

Tools Session 2

Simone Di Cola, Kung-Kiu Lau, Cuong M. Tran and Chen Qian. An MDE Tool for Defining Software Product Families with Explicit Variation Points

Anatoly Vasilevskiy, Øystein Haugen, Franck Chauvel, Martin Fagereng Johansen and Daisuke Shimbara. The BVR Tool Bundle to Support Product Line Engineering

Édipo Féderle, Thiago Ferreira, Thelma Colanzi and Silvia Vergilio. OPLA-Tool: A Support Tool for Search-Based Product Line Architecture Design


Coffee Break


Research Session 5

Leticia Montalvillo and Oscar Diaz. Tuning GitHub for SPL development: branching models & operations for product engineers

Jaime Font, Lorena Arcega, Oystein Haugen and Carlos Cetina. Building Software Product Lines from Conceptualized Model Patterns

João Bosco Ferreira Filho, Simon Allier, Mathieu Acher, Olivier Barais and Benoit Baudry. Assessing Product Line Derivation Operators Applied to Java Source Code: An Empirical Study

Systems Engineering Session 3

Susan Gregg, Rick Scharadin and Paul Clements. The More You Do, the More You Save: The Superlinear Savings Effect of Systems Product Line Engineering

Len Wozniak and Paul Clements. How Automotive Engineering Is Taking Product Line Engineering to the Extreme

Tao Yue, Shaukat Ali and Bran Selic. Cyber-Physical System Product Line Engineering: Comprehensive Domain Analysis and Experience Report


Conference Banquet: General Jackson Dinner Cruise

July 24




Keynote: Bill Bolander. Product Line Engineering for Systems


Research Session 6

Clément Quinton, Rick Rabiser, Michael Vierhauser, Paul Grünbacher and Luciano Baresi. Evolution in Dynamic Software Product Lines: Challenges and Perspectives

Juan C. Muñoz-Fernández, Gabriel Tamura, Irina Raicu, Raul Mazo and Camille Salinesi. REFAS: A PLE Approach for Simulation of Self-Adaptive Systems Requirements

Maxime Cordy, Patrick Heymans, Joel Greenyer, Erika Gressi and Jean-Marc Davril. All-At-Once-Synthesis of Controllers from Scenario-Based Product Line Specifications

Industry Session 2

Jaime Chavarriaga, Carlos Rangel, Carlos Noguera, Rubby Casallas and Viviane Jonckers. Using Multiple Feature Models to Specify Configuration Options for Electrical Transformers: An Experience Report

Karen Smiley, Werner Schmidt and Aldo Dagnino. Evolving an Industrial Analytics Product Line Architecture

Larry McVoy. Preliminary Product Line Support in BitKeeper




   Research Session 7

Bernhard Rumpe, Christoph Schulze, Michael von Wenckstern, Jan Oliver Ringert and Peter Manhart. Behavioral Compatibility of Simulink Models for Product Line Maintenance and Evolution

Leopoldo Teixeira, Paulo Borba and Rohit Gheyi. Safe evolution of product populations and multi product lines

Leopoldo Teixeira, Vander Alves, Paulo Borba and Rohit Gheyi. A Product Line of Theories for Reasoning about Safe Evolution of Product Lines

Jabier Martinez, Tewfik Ziadi, Tegawendé F. Bissyandé, Jacques Klein and Yves Le Traon. Bottom-Up Adoption of Software Product Lines - A Generic and Extensible Approach

Tools Session 3

Holger Eichelberger and Klaus Schmid. IVML – A DSL for Configuration in Variability-Rich Software Ecosystems

Charles Kreuger, Paul Clements.

Systems and Software Product Line Engineering with Gears from BigLever Software


Coffee Break


SPLC Hall of Fame + Closing Remarks